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As Clerk and chair of the Election Commission, I oversaw the first technological upgrade in voting equipment in decades ensuring election security and integrity. New layers of protection have allowed for additional auditing measures to join with the reliability of paper ballots. I have the expertise to conduct a public logic and accuracy test to ensure the equipment and programming is performing as intended. I will continue to fight for election security on the Legislation Committee with the Michigan Association of Municipal Clerks.


By performing the first township-wide redistricting in decades and expanding the absentee voter list, I was able to make it easier to vote, save taxpayer money on running elections, and reducing wait times at the polls. I also recruited multilingual and culturally diverse election workers to protect everyone’s right to vote. I believe that elections belong to the people and I'll work to ensure you feel that, too.


By authoring a township-wide Ethic's Ordinance and chairing the Ethic’s subcommittee, I pushed for greater accountability. Too often, whether it's in Washington, Lansing, or a township hall, some elected officials believe they are above the law. I've ensured there would be a criminal penalty for any official who violated the public trust. As secretary to the Board of Ethics, I will ensure they have the resources they need to enforce the new law.



Detroit Public Radio investigated the Freedom of Information Act process of 129 municipalities in Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb Counties to see how well citizens could take advantage of the law that ensures local governments provide the public records they are entitled to. The Clerk’s office in Canton Township was recognized for the simple electronic process that provided information within hours, at no charge. I will continue to push for open and transparent government that instills trust.

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